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The Annoying URL Display Problem Of The AMP Cache Is All About To Change

There is no doubt that marketing is an absolute necessity for every business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a startup or an MNC as for every business to grow in this competitive market, it needs exposure. Digital marketing or optimising the company’s website according to Google’s search engine protocol gives this exposure.

 Every year, Google rolls out several updates regarding how a website should be optimised to gain higher search result rankings and it’s been the same this year too. If you are slightly aware of these trends, you shall know what AMP is. But just like you, most publishers complain about one specific feature of AMP which is hugely annoying and that is the absence of the publisher’s URL in the search results. Up until the last year, publishers who incorporated the AMP framework found it extremely frustrating that search results relating to their post displayed Google URLs instead of the publisher’s.

 It’s not that Google hasn’t tried fixing this issue but those have been just half steps and devoid of a conclusive solution. Apple, on the other hand, has taken full advantage of this and has already rolled out the update for its IOS users.

 Well, that’s all going to change now because the AMP tech lead recently tweeted about the fact that this annoying feature shall undergo a full revamp. Not only shall this be a sigh of relief for existing publishers, but it shall also encourage others who, up until now were a bit pessimistic about whether to incorporate AMP or not.

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