The Functioning of Google Assistant

Google has recently declared support for speakable specification. This feature allows Google Home and Assistant to read aloud the content. This feature allows them to understand what they should do to attract more users towards it. is limited to news content only. It would gradually evolve with the attainment of more knowledge by Google. The program currently uses a beta version and it is only limited to English language and can only be played on Google Home devices.

The speakable content by Google Assistant is chosen by an algorithm system. For the news content, it evaluates the spoken request and then selects from the current trending news. Hence, precision of the news content is very important, even than the Speakable specification. It only assists Google to understand which article is to be read. It tries to understand the article type and then chooses it to be read by Google Assistant.

The feature is currently a specification of structured data mark-up. It has still now not integrated with the vocabulary. The speakable specification is considered to be pending and slowly Google might make it official for news publication. The Speakable specification can be used for many purposes like: web pages, discussion forums, etc. Schema is trying to take the specification beyond the news. They generally work with the text to speech technique.

If the speakable specification is carried beyond the news content, users can use the feature for a number of purposes in the near future.

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