Upcoming Updates for Image Search on Mobile by Google on 27th September

According to Google’s Danny Sullivan, “Google Images is improving computer vision to bring more organization to content, in particular, AI-powered Stories about people that will be coming”.
Within image search in mobile, Google will soon be featuring AMP Stories. These stories are generally created by the publishers but later on, Google itself can construct such AMP Stories. On other platforms similar to this, the users can tap which will help them in getting more information and also will help in web article linking directly from the stories.

Google Lens Support

This important feature is also coming in Google’s Image Search. Image Search already has its place as a specific app within Google Photos. If you roam around a particular place and click some photos, Google Lens enables you to know about some more information about the place. This doesn’t include places only. It includes products also by clicking in which we can know about the manufacturing place of that product.

Featured Videos

Google now provides this service which is proved to be one of the most useful features. This feature provides the most relevant video at the end of every video which enables the users to go deeply through the content of the video.

Other Stuff

Google proudly stated the changes it made in the Image Search section over the years. It added some captions on each and every photo so that users get to know more about the particular image. Site prioritizing and giving importance to the webpage authority are some other points on which Google focused.
More contexts on the images will be updated in the coming weeks. Adding to this, the title of the webpage and related search results will also be updated.

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