User Page Experience: One Of the Ranking Factors At Google SERPs

User Page Experience - Ranking Factor In Google SERPs

Not so long from here, Google plans to combine UX based signals & core web vitals to measure the rankings based on the user’s page experience.

Google says – Users love the websites with good experience. This leads to the introduction to the new ranking factor that combines the metrics for Core Web Vials with page loading speed & mobile friendliness.

The signal page experience determines how positively the interactions are perceived by users on each of the web page.

While implementing SEO strategies on the website & optimizing it, the end goal should be kept in mind, that how will the user’s experience be & what kind of search queries are to be entered. This is one of the core reasons for Google’s launch for Core Web Vitals & Web Vitals.

The Web Vital’s sole purpose is to help in checking quality ranking signals, quantify the UX on their web pages & identify the potency for improvement. These include loading time, the interactivity of the pages, stability & quality of visuals.

The webmasters will be informed of Page Experience at least few months before its actual roll out. But is sure that Google is increasing its focus on User Experience Factors.

The Signal Page Experience combines the Core Web Vitals with the existing ranking factors:

>> Mobile Search & Mobile Friendliness
>> Safe Browsing
>> Https Security

The webmasters has to be aware about the fact that – it can have adverse effect on the SERPs rankings, if user accidentally clicks on wrong button.

So try to design the UX of the web pages, in the best possible way (from user’s perspective).


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