What To Do When Google Removes the Organic Search Traffic

This is one of the most common questions that come into the minds of SEOs. There are some decisions of Google that has become pretty hard for the SEOs.

Create More Demand For the Brands

If you search for the best digital marketing techniques, you will get a box on the top of the search results on Google. May be Google would be getting some profit from that website like pay per click or something. This is where another websites lose their traffic. When the information that they were searching for appears as a box on the top who would be interested in scrolling down at all.

This is the situation where the SEOs should become smarter than Google. The one thing that a SEO can do is make the website a brand. Google have to show the exact website results when a visitor searches for it. So you have to promote your website in such a way that the visitors should search Google exclusively for it.

Optimize for Other Platforms

There are some other platforms where you can optimize your website. For example consider Google Images. Nowadays the people who click on particular image on Google will be redirected to the website. So optimize the website by posting images and linking it to the Google images. You can use social platforms too for the optimization purpose.

Just make some videos about the relevant topics that you deal with and post it on YouTube. This will show a lot of affect on your website traffic.

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