When the Google Manual Actions Expire, Algorithms Levy the Penalties

Google has introduced the manual actions segment in the year of 2013. In manual actions, the real people will be checking the websites and apply the penalties for the websites that are not abiding the rules of Google. Google has a set of guidelines named Webmaster Guidelines and it is important for each and every website to follow all those guidelines for sure.

It is a well known fact that the manual actions expire and at that time Google the algorithm penalty replaces the Google manual actions. It won’t be possible to keep the track of each and every website manually so there is a need of the algorithms like Penguin Algorithm to check the website. If a certain action that has been taken by a human against a website is expired then the algorithms will renew them without any need of a third person. The entire process is simple and can be handled with the help of the different algorithms that Google has. There won’t be a need of renewing the human action in such instances as the algorithms will take care of the rest.

If you search for the Google Webmaster guidelines, you will be provided with certain set of the guidelines and it is mandatory for the website to follow each and every guideline. Missing one guideline can lead to the levying of fees either by human or by the algorithm. These guidelines are the basic requirement and should be followed compulsorily under any circumstance.

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