Which is better, GoogleBot or Mobile selector for rich results?

Google which is always on the go in technological advancements, has once again come up with a new up gradation of the rich result testing tool for the digital experts to show them exactly how Google visualizes the rich results between the Googlebot desktop and Googlebot mobile.

Google lets you choose now:

There are websites which are just bound to Googlebot desktop and not to Googlebot mobile. One of the reasons for this can be because the data on the website and the rich results vary a lot between the desktop and phone. However, with this addition now one can see how Google can view the following markup on the web pages when it accessed either by a desktop or by phone. Google recently told us that “The new feature with allowing you to access the structured data use both the sources, which was earlier not possible”.

Handle with care:

Google has announced defaulting indexing to the mobile first indexing and now 50% of the indexing has now been done to the mobile-first indexing. Google which has always acted like a true friend and has decided to keep giving more advice and tips on the problems a site can have between desktop and phone usage.

This feature is going to act as a huge help for the sites who are moving towards the mobile first indexing. Adding on it will also be a boon for the sites who have already moved towards the mobile first indexing.

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