Who Else Noticed The Changes In Google Ads

Google of recent made some changes to their ads. These changes include more ads and more noticeably the way those ads now appear. There are now more top ads; more bottom ads; no side ads. You noticed?  I noticed, probably or probably not you noticed too, anyone else who noticed the changes in Google ads?

Google new ads look is taking the form of four top and four bottom ads as in for commercial queries and SERP respectively as against three ads that it used to be. Also, there are no more ride-side ads. By implication, the above changes will affect search-click through rates. Ad impression will be on the average owing to more ads that will be showing above the SERP.

Organic-click through rates now has fewer ads to mean more ads are dominating the user’s space. While some hold that this may decrease the organic click-through rates, others are of a contrary opinion.

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