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Wow! The Brand New Google Search Console Now Comes With Lots More Comparison Filters

Google Search Console, to begin with, is an amalgamation of resources and tools to assist website operators, web marketers, webmasters and SEO professionals to keep a track on the performance of the website in the index of Google search.The features of Google Search Console comprises information about search traffic, crawl data, search appearance, technical status updates and educational resources.

If you have accessed the brand new Google Search Console, you might have come across the newly added comparison filters. The new feature is added to the Search performance report and was lacking earlier when the public beta was earlier launched this week.

What is that Indelible Change that We Get to See?

One of the most remarkable changes to the Search Console that is newly launched is the fact that it comprises of data of as many as 16 months. Besides allowing you to see those data, there are ways to filter it now as well.

Where Can We Find the New Feature?

Whoever of you have accessed the newly launched Google Search Console might have come across the newly launched filters within the Search Performance report.

How Many Filters Are There in Total?

  • Comparison of data in one custom date range as against data of another custom data range.
  • Filtering of data with the help of particular date range.
  • Filtering and comparing data with the help of device type.

The newly launched Google Search Console is being spread slowly and gradually. In case, you have access to the new Google Search Console, you needn’t worry as you would be having it sooner. As of now, the new Google Search Console would be accompanying the Search Console. Users can opt to toggle to and fro between the two great versions.

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